US Airnet, Redmond Forecast

Most accurate wind forcast for Central Oregon, including Pine Mt, & Pine Ridge


Bend Forcast

Bend Oregon Weather Forcast 

Winds Aloft

Winds Aloft Forecast

NOAA Soaring Forcast

NOAA Soaring Forcast

Pine Mt Observatory

Pine Mountain Observatory wind talker, and weather cam

Horse Ridge ODOT

(w of pine mountain) Current wind conditions. Click on flag on hwy 20 just east of Bend

Pine Mt Wind Graph

Windgram and Lapse rates for Pine Mountain

Gorge Area Weather Links

Central Oregon Weather Links

Pine Ridge Wind Graph

Windgram and Lapse rate for Pine Ridge 

Pressure System Map

Current Pressure Systems Map

MM5 for Redmond

Redmond MM5 SkewTs, access to other Oregon MM5 SkewTs

Airport Webcams

Oregon Windcast

Oregon Windcasts

Earth Winds

Full wind map of Earth, zoom into your location.


FAA TFA Map (temporaty flight restrictions)   -   -   Po Box 1756, Bend OR 97709   -   541-640-0073