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While we Specialize in Swing Paragliding Equipement.

We can assist you in other manufactures as well.

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 (LTF/EN-A) Mito RS  $3650

The MITO is the result of a combination of innovative ideas, advanced technologies and sound development work, based on decades of experience in paraglider development. Our goal: to develop a paraglider on which beginners and occasional flyers can rely 100% and which offers a good deal of flying enjoyment without overextending the pilot. The MITO’s distinctive design feature is the patent-pending Ram Air Section Technology (RAST). The MITO is the first glider to use this completely new design characteristic, distinguishing it from all other paragliders currently available on the market.

 (LTF/EN-B) Arcus RS  $4100

ARCUS RS The name ARCUS is inextricably linked with SWING and stands for a revolutionary paraglider design, which has given many thousands of paraglider pilots an easy and safe introduction into our fascinating sport. The ARCUS RS, equipped with RAST 2.0, is about to set a further milestone in paraglider development.

The bulkhead partition system – now with additional vents – makes every launch a breeze and effectively counteracts large-scale canopy deformation. In addition, the canopy is stabilised in turbulent conditions, which means greater comfort, precision and performance for the pilot.

 (LTF/EN-B) Arcus RS Lite $4500  

With a combination of 32 and 27g fabrics, and a weight-saving design for the interior, it is aimed at bivvy pilots, safety-conscious hike & fly and XC pilots, as well as globe-trotters who are looking for a versatile glider which is lightweight and has a small pack volume.

The ARCUS RS Lite is up to 1.100g lighter and, by using the RAST system, it loses none of its reactiveness and accuracy, but retains its stability and performance which would otherwise only be achieved by many cells.

Intermediate/ Advanced

 (LTF/EN-B) Nyos RS  $4650

In our opinion and from what we have experienced, the NYOS RS is the easiest and most pleasant glider to fly currently available in the high end B category. The pilot stays in full control even in incredibly turbulent conditions, thanks to RAST. If there are nevertheless any disruptions, in the vast majority of cases, these are stopped by the “wall”. Dynamics, demands on the pilot and loss of altitude are often even less than with current EN-A gliders. The more turbulent the air, then the more marked the difference from gliders without RAST. When pilots flying gliders without RAST are already starting to notice unpleasant turbulent conditions, the NYOS RS continues to convey safety and a good feeling during flight.


 (LTF/EN-C) Agera RS   $5300

Agera - The new AGERA RS sees the introduction of the first EN-C glider to feature RAST!

We have combined RAST with an uncompromising performance profile. Through the synergies this produces, the AGERA RS is redefining the sport class and blurring the boundaries with the performance class.

Flight behaviour:

The AGERA RS is a high-performance wing that behaves like a 2-line glider.

It can be steered delicately and extremely precisely, meaning it is incredibly stable and can be controlled reliably even in strong turbulence. The communicative flight behaviour of the AGERA RS enables the pilot to “read the air” and to recognise and use even small up-currents.

The AGERA RS is completely in its element in strong conditions and conveys a sheer high performance feel:


  (LTF/EN-C) Helios RS lightweight $5300

The name HELIOS is a tribute to the sun, which is what makes cross-country flights and flying adventures possible in the first place.

Helios RS is the name of our new C-class lightweight performance glider. With the Helios RS we have addressed the dogma that more performance means a less comfortable flight. With its unique construction, lightweight no longer needs to mean there will be a sharp drop off in performance over time.

Even during its development phase, the XC all-rounder became our test pilots’ absolute favorite wing with its direct and precise handling.

Having a lightweight glider with the Helios RS level of performance, low pack volume, combined with incredible comfort will encourage you to experiment with alternative launch sites and new routes away from the beaten track. And should conditions ever become more demanding, the HELIOS RS is very easy to control for a glider in the C-class, thanks to the RAST system.

Where the AGERA RS is designed for fast and uncompromising gliding, the HELIOS RS is a totally new and uniquely designed glider. The precision tool in the box, with agile and precise handling, happy in all conditions it will deal calmly and confidently with difficult situations, temperamental thermals and strong turbulence making it the perfect lightweight glider for all your adventures.


 (LTF/EN-B) Twin RS Tandem  $4950

The TWIN RS sees SWING take a completely new approach in the technical design of paragliders made for tandem flight.

For the first time the RAST system (link to the RAST-page) is being used for a tandem glider. This has made it possible for our R&D team to utilise the advantages of a larger surface area, and there are marked improvements when it comes to launch behaviour, speed, stability and handling. We have given careful thought to the materials used which, along with various technical details (such as covering the leading edge reinforcements with abrasion-resistant nylon patches on the top surface) ensures that the TWIN RS is not subject to premature wear and tear even in tough professional use. 


(Acro) Trinity RS  $4400

The development of the TRINITY RS acro-glider has demonstrated the full potential of RAST: The air stays in the glider longer on dynamic manoeuvres. This makes the transitions more fluid, more dynamic and much easier to fly. New combinations are available to the pilot as a result of the high internal pressure, because a centred helicopter can be flown from almost any position without having to start it first through a stall. The risk of line-overs, twists and front rosettes is also significantly reduced because of the special construction method used for the Trinity.

Thanks to RAST, the Trinity RS reacts to pilot input without delay and with surprisingly little control travel, but without the pilot being at risk of an unintentional stall. In doing so, the buffer section reliably assumes the damping when exiting from dynamic manoeuvres and problems, and this has opened another door: EN-certification as a Freestyler with normal loading and as a classy acro-competition glider with high wing-loading!

Mini Wings:

 Apus RS -Regular 14, 16 $2850 18, $3200

-Hike 14, 16, $3100 18, 20, 23, $3450) 

Easy Mountain - Hike & Fly - Miniwing

SWING has made a name for itself in the speed riding scene with the Spitfire and the Mirage. With the APUS RS, we have been able to transfer all of our know-how in this area to mini-wings and hike & fly gliders.

The APUS RS will be available in a standard version and in a version for hiking in which the weight has been reduced further. We are planning sizes with projected surface areas of 14 to 25m². The APUS RS is of course equipped with RAST 2.0 as well.

Speed Wings:


Spitfire II  Plus  (comp, 8.5, 9.5, 11, 13, 15, 17-twin)  $1950 & $2050

The Spitfire2 is a true speed rider. It feels completely at home on the snow-covered slopes in mountain regions with its direct and uncompromising handling. The shortened lines and the lightweight construction using the hard-wearing and waterproof-coated 20 dtex fabric transform the pilot and glider into one, allowing complete focus on finding the best line. Once again we have been able to use the control lines and extended trim travel to increase the glide angle window considerably. The result is a new and previously unmatched dive, with almost the same glide as the Mirage. The new Swing Design 2015, 3D seams and a reworked riser with extended trim travel by opening the stitching round off the new Spitfire2 and make it unique in its class


Mirage RS Plus (pro, 8.5, 9.5, 11, 13, 15, 17-Twin) $2050- $2150

In recent years the Mirage RS has proved to be a safe all-round glider for speed flying and speed riding.

Many top pilots in the paragliding scene (including the Soul Flyers, Valentin Deluc and many of the world’s other best pilots) have confidence in its forgiving flight behaviour in conjunction with its broad performance spectrum.

With the Mirage RS Plus, we are introducing a reworked version of this classic glider. The tried and tested basic concept remains unchanged, but the canopy has been upgraded with a new, very lightweight 15dtex fabric. This gives pilots a weight advantage and means a smaller pack size and even more uncomplicated launch behaviour compared to the previous model.

There have also been improvements to the riser used in the Mirage RS Plus. The optimised trimmer system allows even more precise adjustments to the angle of attack, with a deflector on the B level. The reworked riser geometry makes the Mirage RS Plus even easier to handle and ensures an intuitive connection to the canopy. In addition to other design details, we have optimised trimmer operation. A T-handle at the free end of the trimmer strap replaces the previous loop, to allow fast and safe operation, even with thick gloves.   -   -   Po Box 1756, Bend OR 97709   -   541-640-0073