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 Connect Race Pod  $1550

The Connect Race is an innovative, aerodynamic and very practical XC and competition harness, which will impress you with the special level of comfort it offers. It was developed in close collaboration with cross-country expert Daniel Tyrkas. As repeat German cross-country champion, he knows exactly what is important. Naturally the Connect Race has LTF certification, making it the ideal harness for long cross-country flights and competitions. Take a look at the following features.


 Connect Reverse III  $995

As with the earlier models, the REVERSE 3 of course features the well-established Alpine Back carrying system from Deuter®, guaranteeing a level of carrying comfort that is unique among convertible harnesses. A left-handed version of the REVERSE 3 is also available.
Des Weiteren wartet das REVERSE 3 mit folgenden Neuerungen auf:

  • adjustable buckles which remain in position

  • speed bar with retractor system

  • different colours for right and left carabiners

  • new colour scheme

  • right or left reserve handle option

  • new sizes S-XL

 Brave 4  $650 /airbag +$170    

Brave 4 – whatever you want!

You’re sure to be impressed by the Brave 4, which features the modular Brave ZIPON System, making it the quick-change artist among convertible harnesses.

It takes just a matter of seconds to adapt the Brave 4 for your particular purpose, whether it’s ground handling, speed riding, speed flying, hike&fly or paragliding. It’s light in weight, but it still has impressive comfort and durability, and a sleek, minimalist design in whatever mode it is used.

The Brave 4 airbag module is unique for this category of harness. It is attached at seven points, thus forming, together with the harness module, an LTF-certified, compact unit. 
Its damping values are excellent for this class and compare well with modern standard harnesses

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