Thermal and Cross Country Clinics

Spring and Fall Only

Out here in the high desert we get pretty intense mid-day conditions during the summer months, therefore we do most of our clinics in the spring and fall.

We offer clinics for a varying degree of participants. For those of you just learning to thermal we will teach you the art of finding the thermal and learning how to center your self into the core for maximum climbs. If you have mastered the art of coring a thermal we will teach you the art of thermal hoping, and what cues to look for in the clouds and terrain to pick your best line towards the next possible thermal. 

This course is great for all levels of Pilots, with a focus on safety, decision making, and helping you to obtain a new personal best in distance and climb. 

Come join us in beautiful Central Oregon, @ Pine Mountain where Oregon Distance records are made

Whether you want to get into your first desert thermals or make your first flat land cross country flight we are here to help you.​

What we cover-

  • Thermals:

    • How they are created

    • Fundamental techniques and theories of thermal exploitation

    • Weather related specifics that determine favorable thermalling conditions

    • Understanding clouds and what they tell us about the types of thermals that feed them

    • Entering thermals and gaggle flying

  • XC Flying

    • Getting high and staying high

    • Patience and decision making

    • Using your instruments

    • Flat Land Flying techniques

    • Reading the weather


Entry Fee Covers:

  • Lectures

  • Transportation up the Mountain as many times as conditions allow

  • Retrieve no matter the distance you fly

  • Personal attention and guidance in launch and flight



  • P2 Rating or higher

  • Spot or Delome Personal Tracker (for xc pilots)

  • Thermal Clinic or equivalent experience is a prerequisite for the Cross-Country Clinic.

  • Radio that connects to USHPA frequencies



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Register here:   -   -   Po Box 1756, Bend OR 97709   -   541-640-0073